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Consulting & Training

Advantage Principle:

Sustained Growth Makes People Strategically Brave.

Growth Advantage is built on a comprehensive training and consulting program that believes Effective Planning & Execution is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage and the foundation for profitable growth. By creating a unified planning process, strategic focus, and accountability culture, Growth Advantage can help your company define a growth trajectory unique to your business and the markets it serves. Company-specific programs can include any and all combinations of the following Growth Advantage planning and execution steps:

Strategic Marketing Analysis
Growth Advantage begins by meeting with your company’s ownership, executive, management, and sales team to gain an understanding of your company’s top goals, as well as the strategies, systems, and processes in place for accomplishing those objectives. This is an on-going process that continues with every visit.

Planning Advantage
Annually, Growth Advantage will work with your team to design a company-specific growth plan which will be used throughout the year as a guide for accomplishing your profitable growth objectives. As we work through these sessions, Growth Advantage will teach the planning model to everyone involved in the process. This program will introduce strategies that can spur greater market capture and the outcome will be a blueprint designed to spark action and results.

Math Advantage
Growth Advantage will create unique reporting forms pertaining to the various elements of growth established during the planning process. Your company will submit data (both predictive and result measures) monthly, which will be utilized to track and report on the progress of your growth objectives. The monthly reports will be discussed during coaching calls, as well as in planning, training and accountability sessions.

Accountability Advantage
Growth Advantage will conduct periodic on-site accountability sessions (1 to 2 days in length) to help you and your team stay on course toward achieving your profitable growth objectives. These sessions will also include an accountability review, planning, training and reinforcement.

Coaching Advantage
In addition to on-site coaching and accountability sessions, Growth Advantage will schedule periodic conference calls to discuss the status, progress and challenges facing your company. Unlimited coaching by e-mail or telephone is available to everyone on your company’s Growth Team.

Training Advantage
Growth Advantage not only works with companies to develop and execute profitable growth plans; we teach the process to participating team members to ensure everyone is on a path that assists the company in achieving its profitable growth objectives. Growth Advantage essential training programs include: Planning Advantage, Sales Advantage, Customer Advantage (Loyalty, Retention & Enhancement), Motivation (Four Magic Motivation Questions), Accountability, etc.

Growth Advantage is a cumulative process in which each step enables clients to reach further and enhance their success. The results achieved by each client will directly correlate to the time, effort and resources invested in the process.

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