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The Growth Advantage Blueprint

Advantage Principle:

Achieve Business Success by Having More People Doing the Most Important Things More Often.

Company Advantage

• Determine your company’s product and market focus.

• Build on your company’s brand strengths and market differentiators.

• Discover the actions necessary to create a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

• Learn how to package and communicate your brand message.

Planning Advantage

• Formulate a detailed plan that includes your vital goals and predictive behaviors.

• Ascertain how to develop an action-oriented growth strategy that defines the behavior necessary to achieve business goals.

• Understand the difference between the vital goals that will grow your company and those that will merely support the status quo.

• Implement measurement tools that corroborate actions with results.

Strategy Advantage

• Prioritize the strategic decisions and initiatives your company needs to execute both short-term and long-term to sustain profitable growth.

• Learn why stained growth makes companies strategically brave.

• Understand how to allocate limited resources into an action plan designed to achieve Vital Goals and objectives.

• Learn how leaders are make, not born.

Culture Advantage

• Build a positive growth culture.

• Create a deliberate culture that produces results.

• Identify culture shifts and adjust accordingly.

• Enhance culture builders and minimize culture killers.

Executive Advantage

• Cultivate talent, training and accountability skills that allow your company to execute with excellence.

• Learn a new process to identify, attract and retain talent.

• Build a training culture that speaks a common language in pursuit of uniform goals and a superior return on your training investment.

• Discover accountability principles that make employees more productive.

Systems Advantage

• Institute systems that will enhance new sales, customer retention and up-selling of existing customers.

• Apply an execution system that allow your employees to work more effectively and efficiently.

• Combine all elements to give your teams the best chance at success.