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Executive Peer Groups

Advantage Principle:

Leaders are Made, not Born

– Apply just one idea from each meeting, and your return onĀ investment will be manyfold!

Ever feel like you’re going it alone? Imagine joining a peer group that provides a learning environment which will help you and your company achieve all of your top goals. Well, now you can by participating in a Growth Advantage Peer Group.

The Executive Peer Groups are made up of owners and executives of independently-owned companies. By rotating a variety of discussion and training topics, the group concentrates on key impact areas that will affect the growth, profit and business outcomes their companies are striving to achieve.

The primary objective of the group is to offer an exhilarating learning environment which will help participants plan for and achieve superior results for themselves and their companies. The group focuses on business strategy, peer coaching and consulting, best parties, innovation, networking and problem solving within a group learning environment. Camaraderie develops among the members, and they become an invaluable resource for one another. Each member becomes a teacher in their areas of strength and a student in their areas of weakness.

Executive Peer Groups typically meet three times each year for 1.5 days (two meetings include a tour whereas the third meeting is at a resort destination). The group meetings are structured to include time for facility tours and critiques, best practices, group discussions, industry topics and updates, peer accountability, training subjects, application exercises and networking. This structure allows participants the opportunity to gain knowledge from peer participants, Growth Advantage facilitators, periodic guest experts and by seeing ideas in action.

Strategic Planning
Results Execution
Accountability Skills
Tactical Application
Behavior Management
Hiring Talent
* As well as many, many more industry specific and executive skills.