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Spring 2022


A Business Blueprint for the Ultimate Competitive Edge

The Growth Advantage is a business book that provides a blueprint for sustained and profitable growth. It’s designed to help companies build the Ultimate Competitive Edge. Let’s face it: sustained business growth doesn’t just happen. Growth must be planned for and executed, cultivated from a strategic standpoint, then applied tactically at the frontline, led by the right people, and focused on the right objectives. 

By combining effective planning and execution strategies with daily hard work and routines, The Growth Advantage cracks open the business secrets that teach companies how to achieve that dream of steady, predictable growth. Readers learn how their company can develop and sustain a Blueprint for Growth that guides company actions on a daily and weekly basis. This is a unique business book that combines elements of culture, strategy, planning, execution, talent acquisition, training, motivation, accountability, and brand differentiation into one book with clear, actionable steps. The book is broken into three parts:
  • Planning Advantage – Effective Planning Helps Companies Predict their Future
This section helps companies define long-term Vital Goals, make goals personal, break goals into daily and weekly Predictive Behaviors and identify key metrics; thereby, having more people doing the most important things more often.
  • Execution Advantage – Effectual Execution Turns Vision into Results
This section helps companies develop processes for cultivating talent, training, motivation, and accountability that give employees their best chance for success.
  • Company Advantage – Business Happens Where Opportunity and Advantage Intersect
This section helps companies clarify their market opportunity and fine-tune their brand advantage, so they know their sweet spot for growth.