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As founder and president of Growth Advantage and author of The Growth Advantage, Bob Lisser embodies a rare set of credentials and capabilities that enable him to successfully help company leaders design and build their blueprint for sustained and profitable growth. Bob is obsessed with learning and driven to pass his hard-won wisdom on to others. He is passionate about helping companies that are struggling to sustain strategic growth. He is also devoted to helping leaders who want to improve their craft as well as managers and executives that get put into a position of leadership without having the skills and training necessary to be successful in their job.
Through leading organizations and companies, consulting with businesses, conducting training seminars, public speaking, and facilitating executive peer groups, Bob has become a recognized expert in planning and execution, an authority in corporate strategy, an impactful speaker, a master trainer, and a powerful accountability coach. Bob’s enthusiastic style helps clients grow top and bottom lines as well as become leaders within their industries.
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Business growth doesn’t just happen. Growth must be planned for and executed, cultivated from a strategic standpoint and applied tactically at the front-line, led by the right people and focused on the right objectives. 

That’s the Growth Advantage

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“Amazing results, highly effective, phenomenal integrity aren't adequate to describe Bob's skills. I have personally seen his work produce significant success in organization after organization over the last eight years. Whenever I face challenges with bringing teams to peak performance, I never hesitate to call him in.”
John Condry

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