"Bob Lisser transformed CSCNetwork from a purchasing co-op into a purchasing, marketing and educational powerhouse. For that we are all indebted."

Jack Willis
JW Outfitters

"You are a class act and I truly enjoy working with you and everything you have brought to independents. Know that few have impacted this industry like you have."

Mark Stedman
The Roscoe Company

"Thanks for 11 outstanding years and for the building of an awesome educational and industry training organization. As a director during this time, I truly enjoyed the ride, and, want you to know that Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply is a better company for having known and met Bob Lisser.Your mark will be lasting."

Pat Dempsey
Dempsey Uniform and Linen Supply

"Bob Lisser is one of the few consultants that has ALL the tools. He understands the financials, strategic planning, marketing, operations and sales strategies that deliver results for clients. It is rare that so much varied expertise resides with one executive. If you are wanting to take your company to the next strategic level, there is no better maestro to orchestrate the effort than Bob."

Michael Strickland
The Michael Strickland Group

"Amazing results, highly effective, phenomenal integrity aren't adequate to describe Bob’s skills. I have personally seen his work produce significant success in organization after organization over the last eight years. Whenever I face challenges with bringing teams to peak performance, I never hesitate to call him in."

John Condry
Career Success Seminars

"Growth Advantage (Bob Lisser) has effectively changed our culture by tripling the profitable growth contributors without hiring any additional team members. As owners, our biggest surprise occurred when our Growth Team, composed of all types of managers throughout the company, more than tripled our previous growth goals of years past. Everyone involved understands the baseline and brass ring profitable growth goals and the daily, weekly and monthly behavior needed to achieve them. Managing the behavior has made the results automatic. Now, everyone understands how they fit into our company's profitable growth plan and how important their contributions are. Turn-over, customer retention and our teams overall morale have experienced measurable improvement."

Growth Advantage Client


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