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Effective Planning & Execution is the
Ultimate Competitive Advantage
Experienced business leaders know that profitable business growth
doesn't just happen.
Growth must be planned for and executed, cultivated
from a
strategic standpoint
and applied tactically at the front-line, led by the
right people and focused on the
right objectives. Otherwise, optimum growth
doesn't happen...ever. When a
company clearly knows where it wants to
go and fully understands the behavior
and resources required to get there;
that's called the "Growth Advantage".

Bob Lisser understands the Growth Advantage and named his company
after this
critical business secret as the single most important component
in any business's
blueprint for success. With Bob's guidance, any
company can embrace the Growth
Advantage program and put it to work in pursuit of sustained superior performance.


Growth Advantage offers:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Growth Planning
  • Accountability Coaching
  • Professional Training
  • Group Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching

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